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Florida Rapid Action Reporting

Florida legislation will continue to move quickly as state lawmakers in Tallahassee rush to get their bills passed before the legislature adjourns. LexisNexis® State Net® and the News Service of Florida would like to offer you the ability to receive up-to-the-minute status updates during this critical time so you can proactively monitor all amendments from the statehouse and new enactments:

Send us up to 100 bills you are monitoring and we will provide you with a 1-week trial to our new mobile-friendly "Rapid Action Reports" so you can quickly respond to legislative changes throughout the day!

Additionally, we have several features specifically designed for this time of the year that will allow you to track and manage all of the activity at the capitol. Learn how the following State Net Solutions can save you time and empower your organization:

  • Version Text Compare - interactive side-by-side differencing tools that focus on key changes so you can quickly identify and analyze substantive changes to bill text. True content changes are highlighted in the dynamic Smart Panel so you can zoom to details in either version.
  • Code Links Powered by LexisNexis - Our exclusive features will help you better analyze the impact of a bill on your organization, quickly see how new bills will affect current law, and better understand the intent of new measures by reviewing them in context.
  • Display "hits in context" - view your search results, for bill text, highlighting the "key words" from your search query to easily determine how the bill impacts your issues.
  • Committee Hearing Downloads - Import relevant committee hearing information into your Microsoft Outlook Calendar.


Would you or someone you know like to receive more news from the News Service of Florida? Just send a message to with "Sign Me Up for a Free Trial" in the subject line.

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