A Palm Beach County judge will receive a public reprimand from the Florida Supreme Court, be suspended without pay for 10 days and pay a $37,500 fine, under a disciplinary ruling issued Wednesday by the Supreme Court. In a five-page opinion, justices wrote that Judge Marni Bryson “acted inappropriately by failing to devote full time to her judicial duties.” The opinion cited an investigation by the state Judicial Qualifications Commission that said Bryson, from 2016 to 2019, was absent from the courthouse more days than were allowed by judicial leave. “On most of those occasions, she failed to properly notify or make coverage arrangements with court management,” said a Judicial Qualifications Commission document quoted in the Supreme Court opinion. “There were also some days when Judge Bryson was in the courthouse for less than a full workday.” Bryson and the commission reached an agreement, known as a stipulation, on the disciplinary measures. The Supreme Court opinion approved that stipulation. It did not specify a date for the public reprimand.