The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on Thursday issued an executive order prohibiting the taking or transporting of types of turtles that can be affected by a deadly disease. The order, signed by commission Executive Director Eric Sutton, applies to all freshwater softshell turtle species and yellow-bellied sliders. A news release said the order stems from a fatal disease caused by the virus Turtle Bunyavirus. The disease has been detected throughout the state in Florida softshell turtles, peninsula cooters, Florida red-bellied cooters, yellow-bellied sliders and red-eared sliders. To try to prevent the spread of the virus, the commission asked the public not to capture and transport freshwater turtles, including turtles that appear healthy, to different locations. Also, it asked the public not to touch or move sick turtles and not to eat turtles that appear sick or unhealthy. It said people can call a hotline at 352-339-8597 to report sick or dead turtles.