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Terms of Use:

You (the User and/or Subscriber) agree to adhere to the News Service of Florida (NSF) Terms of Use (the Terms). NSF reserves the right to update these terms at any time. The current version of the terms will be posted on the News Service of Florida web site (the Site); your use of the Site consititutes acceptance of these terms:

  • Only paid subscribers have access to our news stories. Our content is copyrighted and proprietary to the News Service of Florida; all rights are reserved. To request permission to republish any content, please contact support@newsserviceflorida.com.
  • You may not republish our content, nor disseminate it within any organization or to your clients, without written permission from NSF. (Media Subscribers, refer additionally to the Media/Digital Terms of Use below.)
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  • You may not copy, modify, display or prepare derivative works based upon the materials on the Site without prior written permission. Should permission be granted, you agree to keep intact any copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices.
  • Unless explicitly authorized in these Terms or by NSF, you may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, translate, sell, create derivative works, exploit, or distribute in any manner or medium (including by email or other electronic means) any material from the Site.
    • You may, however, from time to time, download and/or print one copy of individual pages of the Site for your personal, non-commercial use, provided that you keep intact all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices.
  • Users may not aggregate NSF content from secondary sources (e.g., other media sources) without the written consent of NSF. Any source sharing NSF content without our written consent, including any NSF content published by secondary sources, is in breach of our Terms and copyright.
  • Should NSF grant you permission to republish NSF content, you agree to the Media Print/Digital Terms of Use below, and you agree to keep intact any copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices.
  • If you violate any of the Terms, we have the right to deactivate your service without notification or reimbursement for the remainder of your subscription.
  • Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you contact our business office 30 days before your subscription expires.

Media Print/Digital Terms of Use:

Media Subscribers (as designated by NSF in the organization's subscription agreement) may republish NSF content provided the Subscriber and all associated Users adhere to the following terms:

  • The following content types may not be republished at any time: "Personnel File", "On Tap", "Advances", and "Lobbyist File".
  • Other content may be republished in accordance with the following limitations:
    • Media Subscribers may republish one (1) first-day item (i.e., an item published by NSF on the same date as republication).
    • Media Subscribers may republish two (2) second-day items, (i.e., an item published by NSF on any other date than the date of republication).
    • NSF content may not be republished from any other source. Only stories received directly from NSF may be republished in accordance with the above guidelines.
    • The above limits apply across all media platforms (e.g., should you republish a first-day item in print, you may republish the same item on a digital platform, but you may not republish any other first-day items on that date, regardless of platform). A total of three (3) stories per day (one first-day and two second-day) and no more, may be published across all media platforms by the Media Subscriber, unless written permission is granted. Contact support@newsserviceflorida.com to request permission.
  • Media Subscribers must attribute all republished content to NSF, and retain all bylines, photo credits, copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary notices.
  • When quoting from our content or archives, attribution to NSF is required.

Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability:

To the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, the News Service of Florida expressly disclaims all representations and warranties with respect to the site, the site elements and any other products or services available on or through this site, including but not limited to any and all warranties. Notwithstanding anything written herein to the contrary, the subscriber and NSF acknowledge and agree that NSF will not be liable for any losses or damages, whether indirect, incidental, special or consequential, in profits, goods or services, irrespective of whether or not the subscriber has been advised or otherwise might have anticipated the possibility of such loss or damage. The subscriber agrees to limit the News Service of Florida's liability arising from professional obligations, errors or omissions, such that the total liability of NSF shall not exceed the subscription fees paid by the user and services rendered for the duration of an annual agreement.

The News Service of Florida, its directors, officers, employees, partners, licensors, agents and other representatives will not be liable for damages of any kind, whether direct, indirect, compensatory, consequential, exemplary, incidental or punitive, including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, revenue, income, goodwill, use, data or any other intangible losses or damages relating to the use of this site or site elements. The subscriber assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing or repairs arising from use of this site.


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